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Fun Wedding Reception Activities

So, most people have problem been to a wedding or two in their life and have basic ideas of some of the common activities the bride and groom do at the reception. For starters, there is the cutting of the cake, which normally leads to cake smeared on each other, the first dance, and then also the dances with mom and son and dad and daughter. One other common activity is the bouquet toss and the garter toss. The garter toss can be spiced up some by switching the bride out with the best man or having the bride put on hairy leggings to shock the groom, but there are other fun activities that can be done at a wedding besides these. Another awesome activity for your wedding is a photoshoot with professional San Miguel de Allende wedding photographer.

One fun activity the bride and groom can do is each has a boy doll and a girl doll. You then ask questions and they raise up who is most likely to do each thing. The questions can be as simple as who asked who out or they can get kind of personal like who is going to be the first to say they are too tired to be intimate in the bedroom. The whole point of these questions is to be funny. They don’t have to be too dirty or personal, but they should get the couple debating and teasing each other a little.

Another game that is similar to this one has the bride and groom have white boards. You then ask questions such as does your husband want to go to a beach for vacation or out in the woods. Again these questions can be anything, but it is fun to see how well the newlyweds know each other. You don’t want the questions to be to the point that they really get mad. They should just be light hearted funny things and if the bride or groom gets something wrong it is no big deal.

Once last fun activity is for the guest and is a final gift or surprise for the couple. That is to include disposable cameras on each table so the guest can take pictures of whatever. You want to make sure the venue has good lighting if you go this route, but it can be fun to see what pictures the guest take. Normally it is just funny selfies and things, but you never know someone might make something unique or interesting out of your decorations and take a picture of it.

Going to a wedding is a fun time for everybody. The reception is especially where the fun happens. You can do the common reception activities, but if you want to spice it up then these other activities are fun to give a try too.